DECT OEM Products available in new Design

DOSCH & AMAND presents all DECT OEM products in a new design.

DECT Repeater for GAP and CAT-iq, DECT Cordless Plug for analog phones, fax and PoS, DECT Analog Base Station, DECT IP Base Station (12 channel) with integrated Asterisk and Webserver, and DECT ATA all share the same simple plug-in design. These products can be directly inserted into a wall socket without the need for an external power supply which makes installation very simple. At the bottom the cabinets have depending on the type either no connectors or RJ-45 or RJ-11 connectors.

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Cordless Plug
Analog Base Station
IP Base Station

DOSCH & AMAND offers top jobs for Student Works and Internships

We are looking for students that are interested in the area of telecommunication. We offer student jobs and internships on software development, software tests and documentation.

  • Students in engineering and computer science or related fields of engineering
  • Highly motivated and with good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills in English
In case of interest please contact

DA1100 DECT Explorer - New Software Options available

DA1100-B1 DECT Audio Analysis extracts AUDIO Data (G.722, G.726) from DECT B-field and converts them into WAV Standard format. Any WAV file compatible audio analyser (freeware e.g. Audacity) can be used for detailed audio quality analysis (see picture on the right).

DA1100-B2 Graphical Message Flow Generator for better visualisation of DECT traffic, DA1100 can generate graphical message flows of DECT Links. Flow graphs can be simplified via filter functions, e.g. only NWK layer message. The resulting graphs are exported to Msc-generator for further processing.

DA1100-B5 CAT-iq 3.0 Support offers dissectors for 3.0 such as HTTP GET.

ULE capability analysis for DECT Explorer available

DOSCH & AMAND's well-known DECT Explorer now supports dummy bearer ULE capability analysis. The SW is ready for download from our Information Management Portal for our DECT Explorer customers. Customers that are interested in our DECT Explorer please contact

DOSCH & AMAND's DA1100 DECT Explorer is the world-wide standard for exchanging DECT and DECT ULE traffic logs which allows decentralised analysis of effects. DA1100 significantly reduces time for debugging and optimisation leading to substantial savings in cost and time.