DA1100 DECT Explorer - New Software Options available

DA1100-B1 DECT Audio Analysis extracts AUDIO Data (G.722, G.726) from DECT B-field and converts them into WAV Standard format. Any WAV file compatible audio analyser (freeware e.g. Audacity) can be used for detailed audio quality analysis (see picture on the right).

DA1100-B2 Graphical Message Flow Generator for better visualisation of DECT traffic, DA1100 can generate graphical message flows of DECT Links. Flow graphs can be simplified via filter functions, e.g. only NWK layer message. The resulting graphs are exported to Msc-generator for further processing.

DA1100-B5 CAT-iq 3.0 Support offers dissectors for 3.0 such as HTTP GET.

Special contribution to DECT2014 registered companies

Offers extended until 15th of March 2014!

DOSCH & AMAND has arranged a special contribution to DECT2014 registered companies that shall motivate T&M investments for Certification Program in CAT-iq US and Interoperability Analysis CAT-iq and ULE.

OFFER 1: Full compliance Test Systems for CAT-iq (EU/US) incl. Security with 25% "DECT2014 discount"
OFFER 2: Full compliance Test Systems for DECT (EU/US) incl. Security with 25% "DECT2014 discount"
OFFER 3: DECT CAT-iq Interoperability Analyser (EU/US) incl. CAT-iq3.0 and ULE with 15% "DECT2014 discount"

Please file your DECT2014 Registration Number and you will be granted the DECT2014 discount. Responsable contact at DOSCH&AMAND is:

ULE capability analysis for DECT Explorer available

DOSCH & AMAND's well-known DECT Explorer now supports dummy bearer ULE capability analysis. The SW is ready for download from our Information Management Portal for our DECT Explorer customers. Customers that are interested in our DECT Explorer please contact

DOSCH & AMAND's DA1100 DECT Explorer is the world-wide standard for exchanging DECT and DECT ULE traffic logs which allows decentralised analysis of effects. DA1100 significantly reduces time for debugging and optimisation leading to substantial savings in cost and time.

Top German Design: PABX DECT Handset for Outdoor Applications

DOSCH & AMAND offer its new water-proof, ruggedized DA1422 Business DECT MultiCell handset. It is a top modern and premium outdoor design with a comprehensive feature set for professional applications.

DA1422 is supplied in OEM Design including GUI adaptions, SW Logo, cabinet Logo, Label, giftbox, and manual. The standard SW is compatible to Aastra and Alcatel PABXs. In addition DOSCH & AMAND offer individual adaptions to other PABX or Multicell Networks.